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    Privacy Policy

    Website Operation


    1. EMRO Quantum (the “Company”) is the only operator collecting or maintaining personal information through http://www.emroquantum.com (the “Website”).

    2. A Website user (“User,” or “Users,” as appropriate) may contact the Website using the following information:

    EMRO Quantum
    201 E Kennedy BLVD

    Tampa, FL 33602

    United States

    Telephone: +1 813-609-4460

    3. Please review the Terms & Conditions of Usage, as the terms of that document may be binding upon a Website User.

    Collection of Information

    4. The Website actively collects information from Users, such as the Users first and last name, age, city and state, email address, gender, birth date, and information through signup forms, applications, voluntary surveys, sweepstakes, contests, purchases, and participation in public forums such as bulletin boards.

    5. The Companyreserves the right to passively collect information related to usage of the Website such as time spent on the Website, areas visited, and websites linked to and from. In the future, the Website may collect additional information and may install cookies on Users’hard drives.

    6. The Website allows the Usersto make personal information available in public forums such as bulletin boards, to the extent the Userschoose to disclose such information.

    7. If theUsercontacts any employee or affiliated person, a record of that correspondence may be kept.

    8. The Companyis prohibited from conditioning theUser’sparticipation in an activity on the User’sdisclosing more personal information than is reasonably necessary to participate in such activity.


    Usage of Information

    9. Personal information is used for recordkeeping, management of the Website, activities on the Website, the fulfillment of requested transactions, and marketing only to the Userswho have consented to such marketing.

    10. Personal information collected from the Usersis not disclosed to third parties, except companies with which the Website is affiliated by common ownership. The Website may retain third parties to review certain personal information to advise it on demographic and marketing related issues, typically on an aggregated basis, and only after such third parties have agreed to maintain the confidentiality, security, and integrity of any personal information obtained.

    Minors (Children)

    11. A parent (or guardian) of a minor may consent to collection and use of that minor’s personal information without consenting to the disclosure of that information to third parties.

    12. Parents may review and request to have a minor’s personal information deleted and/or can refuse to permit further collection or use of such minor's personal information, either of which will terminate the minor’s relationship, if applicable, with the Company.

     In either case, please send a letter by fax or mail to the following contact address:

               EMRO Quantum

    201 E Kennedy BLVD

    Tampa, FL 33602

    United States

    I do / do not consent (circle one) to the collection and use of my child’s personal information by EMRO Quantum, subject to the terms of the privacy policy printed above.



    Parent’s Signature:
    (or Legal Guardian)


    Parent’s Name (print):


    Minor’s Name (print):


    Parent’s e-mail:



    13. Please direct all inquires about the terms of this Privacy Policy or the operation of the Website to:

    EMRO Quantum
    TAMPA FL 33602
    United States

    Email: support@emroquantum.com
    Phone: +1-888-678-8828

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